ok my mans caprice wagon running 413w7's and 4 mojo mcd2000 had two batts in back amps running at 3ohm wired, he has a chevy350 of course swapped out the alt bracket so he could run a stinger alt a 2 bolt both on bottom style not sure of actuall case but im sure one of you guys will know so what he needs is a replacement for that hw will be running 5 hc2400 in the back now and will run 2+ 2- 1/0 runs but will also be wiring down to .75 he now has a 2pin setup with a esternal regulator so a badass unreg. will work cuz he likes to run 15.2v bigger the better any advice?
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get a XS power/powermaster alt they have the adjustable reg in them and work very nice i run one on my daily and work great i run it at 15.2
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