I had 4 amps in storage that have been stolen:
(1) JL 500/1
(1) JL 300/4
(2) JL 300/2
How do the "new" JL Amps compare to what I had?
Would the HD1200/1 and a pair of HD600/4's do as well as the older JL amps that I'm looking to replace?
I haven't been around in a while, but at 1st glance the new JL amps seem to pack a lot more power into the same space.
Are they as good as the older ones?
What should I be looking at to get equal or better SQ and power?
I'll be running a pair of Hiqufon tweets, a pair of MBQ tweets (if needed) , a pair of 4" Scan Speak mids, a pair of 7" Dynaudio mid bass drivers, & a 10W7 sub.
I have an Alpine W205 and a 701 processor.
I'd love to go all McIntosh amps, but I doubt i'll be able to afford them...
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The HD amps do pretty good. Yes, they are quite a bit smaller. I think that's the only real advantage. I doubt they would have just released the SlashV3 series if JL really thought they were better for SQ. But, they no longer make the 300/2 or the 450/4.
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