I been lucky enough to go fishing a couple of times this year.

I caught this BEAST on Thursday September 30th on the Niagara River. It is a male King Salmon.

I was drifting skein in the "pebbles section" of Devils Hole.

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AWESOME SAM! what did that weigh in at?
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Insane... very nice!
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loud tercell
That is a beautiful fish my dad has caught 2 monsters also both chinook salmon and males. The first was caught in 1988 missing the Toronto Sun Salmon derby by 2 weeks. This fish was 42inches long and weight in at 49.5lbs.This fish was stuffed and currently hangs on my parents wall. The fish was caught at Jordan harbour from land on 12lb German Endy line. The second fish was caught in 1992 from the same place same type of line was 37.5 inches and weighed 52 lbs.

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Awsome job Sam!
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Holy crud!!!! U aren't messing around, going for the biggies!
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kraven moorehead
Way to go sam, how long did it take to get that monster in the boat?

Oh by the way, I stopped using Grand Funk Railroad for Bass Race, now its Johnny Winters!!!!
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Wow that thing is huge! (thats what she said )
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WOW! Way to go Sam!!
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I did vote almost everyday ,
but it sad to see that Sam isnt in the Top 5 anymore ,
so Everyone : you can do something about it
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