Got back after I spent the night in Rolla, MO, and went strait to class from 6-8pm

Thanks to:
*my GF Brandee, she had to put up with me all season through the ups and downs, and even accadentially got hit in the head with my hatch at last yrs finals.
*Grizz from Soundstream, and the rest of Team Soundstream
*Scotty J from XS Power
*the Zoller's for helping me get my points and continuing put on bigger and better shows
*Kyle, Jerry, Jared, Mark, Fred, Matt, Greg, Doug, Dave and anyone else I regually see and talk to at shows
*BK, and Ed Lester for answering no-wall and HHR questions
*Thanks for the demo Neill, the blazer is rediculous
*Kevin from Team Ice, is a great dude, very helpful
*Everyone who attended Finals and made it enjoyable, and those who I got to talk to for sometimes 30 min at a time
*All the Finals sponsers for helping put on WORLD FINALS
*Wayne and the Judges for keeping things legit, and an awesome tower and and internet setup.
*the show announcer for being too damn loud and ruining conversations
*and anyones else I cant think of since im running on empty
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hey hey,

Thank you for being an upstanding guy, having the drive to compete at finals, repping the HHR, and just being the Heeter in the seater.
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The Repo Man
Good showing Rob. Glad you made it back safely.
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Team Prodigy Mike
Hey, It was great hanging out with you hope to see you next year at some shows.
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you're welcome rob anything i can do for a good fellow bass head good job for your season...cya ya very soon looking forward to next years adventure
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Great job Rob!!!!
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Nice job Rob. Can't wait to see what you can come up with for next season...
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Always here for ya Rob. Looking forward to the next show together.
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