Michal Dziobkowski
Can anybody tell me your opinion about the new model of RF's processor? I was quit happy with the second edition but I meet sume problems with BT connetion. Also I had a problem with small noise in the speakers? I'm wondering if this version will be better and what are the differences? If anybody can tell me sth it would be great. Thx
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the 3sixty.3 is not available yet. It now has 8ch output. a few other changes. there are youtube videos from one of the big electronics shows a few months ago. I think Ed Delesandro with End Result was in them. I sure hope they got rid of the bluetooth issues...and REALLY REALLY hope they no longer have the issues with noise and bleed-through.
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The Audison Bit processors are my preference. Arc Audio has a new processor coming out that looks pretty powerful, but I've never used it.
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