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and to think, it wasnt that long ago the 500.2 woulda been my SUB amp
Actually I have a 500.2 that was suppose to get hooked up to a l7 12.

It's awesome what you can throw at a driver as long as you have a great x-over to maintain control.
I definately want to have a good listen if I'm lucky enough to see your beast in person.
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OK so the next question is. Which one is better?
1. alpine H701
2. Audiocontrol DQXS
3. Rockford Fosgate 360.2
Reason I'm asking is I'm in the market and had my eye on the DQXS but I don't want to make the wrong choice. Thanks! Shannon
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i dont think you can go wrong with any of them really. Im partial to the 3sixty.2 though
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how does it compare to the AudioControl DQL-8 or Alpine PXE-H650 ill be using my OEM head unit in an 08 seqouia..
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