Do you believe Sasquatch exists or has existed in the past 1000 years? votes

 Yes 5 votes
 No 3 votes
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........ about Term Pro members

This is my study

Term pro Members: Do you believe that sasquatch exists or has existed in the last 1000 years?

For the purspose of this study, "Sasquatch" is synonymous with Yeti, Bigfoot, Abominable Snowman, Himalayan Beast... Homo sapiens that resemble Sasquatch shall not be considered a Sasquatch (in-laws, former teacher, your neighbor Ronnie that wears a pink tutu).

My team is not interested in "maybe" answers. We want a yes or no for the purposes of this study.
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David McLean
I once saw a Bigfoot steal a transmission - Oh wait! That was Harshburger.
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dB Drag Feldjaeger
Sam is back

I think he/she/it exist...
Every myth has some truth...


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Fake... completely.

If Bigfoot existed there would be proof by now.

This isn't some tiny insect that we haven't discovered in the amazon. This is a human sized creature that is in the US.

I just don't see it happening.
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Our family was good friends with Roger Patterson. I have family members that assisted with several of his videos/movies. I probally know more about this topic than I should
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