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IF you cant afford to pay for EVERYTHING your dependants will require FHITA instead. Too many people EXPECT someone else to fix their problem after they plant the seed. Your mistake and shortcomings arent my problem and I shouldnt be taxed for your inability to make good decisions.
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It was really sad when UPS, FED-EX et al went out of business when they started that damned USPS program :'(

but that is off-topic...

nice post conclusive. I agree, except for one point. What I meant by "it isn't about Obama" was that it is not limited to Obama. The recent GOP win was a message about what is wrong with the system... the pork, for example. It is not limited to democrats either.

Think a black man would have a chance in hell of getting elected after anyone other than 'dubya? That was a message.

I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of politicians have tried to pull underhanded crap before.

So I ask again, Is this about Obama?

Think of the "war on drugs," a program that heavily influenced at least one person's job here. Due to the political and social landscape at the time, Nixon was able to pass the relevant legislation.

The federal reserve used to be controlled by the gov... now it is run by mostly bank presidents and the like (private people, with goals that are necessarily different from the gov). The bill that "privitized" the fed reserve was passed in a similar weak time (after a severe recession), hastily (and in a session where few attended), as that was the only way to actually get it passed. They kept the buffers low to make theirselves extreme profits, and when the next recession hit it turned into the great depression because there were no buffers to absorb the blow.

Obama isn't that old...

We've been in Iraq for years because of a hasty decision. And then Bush even went so far as to remove even more safety from the system to make hasty decisions easier. I doubt Obama made Bush do it.

In Britain they don't have guns because of hasty legislation passed quickly after someone was murdered with a gun.(a police officer or someone famous I think? I forgot).

What do all these have in common? controversy, and lack of meaningful debate to see what the best solutions were. They were all hasty decisions that have never been repealed, and we will probably be stuck with them for some time. There are investments that usually follow such legislation, and it really isn't practical to make huge investments and infrastructure only to abandon it a short time later. They have very strong staying power for this reason at least, as well as possible others that depend on complex issues.

This type of issue has plagued politics forever, and it is independent of party or anything else. It is human nature.

They don't bring up the point much because both parties are guilty. And most have relied on legislation passed in such a manner at some point. It would be political suicide, sadly.

There needs to be some sort of amendment to the US constitution that somehow prohibits hasty decision-making. Perhaps requiring scientific, objective research to pass laws, outside of emergencies. But the the next year emergency would be defined by the Supreme Court as "anything the president damn well wants" and it would be all moot.

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good read icon.
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Originally posted by HCCAfan:
good read icon.
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basically it has alot to do with transparency and accountability something that's been in short supply for a while
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Broken Silence - Johnny
Uh, the postal service was around LONG before UPS or Fed-Ex...they provide services that are different. If i want to send a letter or pay a bill, i drop it in the mail, if I want to ship a package, i go to UPS.
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Originally posted by Iconoclast:
nice post conclusive. I agree, except for one point. What I meant by "it isn't about Obama" was that it is not limited to Obama.
I disagree. The health care bill is Obama's baby. Obama has been pushing hard to rush this bill through as fast as possible. The democrats as well, in general, have been trying to rush this bill to Obama's desk while lashing out at any republican opposition. I'd bet the democrats currently in office are re-thinking the direction they want to take on this bill now.

Massachusetts simply represented what the majority of americans feel. Pay for yours and I will pay for mine.
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