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Just try it out at .5 If you rise is high enough it really should be any problem. Most installs have a 1-2 ohm rise minimum.

I run my 2Ohm amp at 1Ohm and it rises to about 3.8
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put a dmm on the coils and see what they really show i beat there higher and u might be alright if not then either buy more amps or do recones
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Originally posted by rally:
Originally posted by D-Bass:
from 9batts and an upgraded alt, maybe. is yours a 2ohm or 1ohm rated amp?
Its 1ohm We have 10 XS Power D3100 batteries but we are stuck because of the 4 speakers each dual 2ohms and only 2 SD 8000
reconing your woofers is much cheaper solution. But be sure to try it at 0.5 ohm anyway and see what your box rise is. If you're close to getting a full burp off you might be able to just modify your enclosure slightly to get a bit more rise out of it.
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