For starters, I have an Alpine mrp-m2000. The original alternator was a OEM 70 amp. I replaced that today with a 170 amp alternator and got a new yellow top Optima 51. Even after I completed this, on the voltage meter, when the bass hits, it drops the voltage to just above 13V. Prior to this, the alternator/battery remain about 14.3V. I obviously want to maintain this number if possible. My amp is mounted in my trunk and the lead wire and ground are both 4 gauge. Can I simply add another battery in the trunk and connect the positive terminal to the lead wire coming from the battery in the engine compartment, and the ground wire to where the amp is grounded? Anyhow, how would I wire this so that when the amp draws maximum amperage, the batteries don't drop below 14.4V? From what I was told, the 170 amp alternator should keep the system fully charged.
I have no experience at doing this, so I don't want to mess anything up. Any/all info is greatly appreciated!!
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dave brooks
run ogauge from front batt to back batt + and - and then run off back battery to amp also ground back batt to the chassie
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