I have an 06 KIA SPECTRA SX sedan and it has an 80 amp alternator. I have serious issues with this ride due to its electrical problem but I have a stock alternator but I have upgraded the front battery with a PCJ1200 up front and a Kinetik 600 in the rear. Now I am planning to do the big 3 upgrade and to be honest I want to stop a lot of things.

I am planning to throw a 160 amp alternator from Dave DC Electric. So with that being said what should I do so that I do not go crazy at all.

One solution I was told was to swap out the Kinetik battery and replace it with another PCJ1200 battery from Odyssey in the future.

1. Stop the headlights dimming.
2. Several fuses are being popped and they are the brake light [driver side], hazard light, fog lights and dashboard lights to.

Now for the equipment list which is currently in my ride but going from SPL to SQ.

Eclipse CD 5030
Arc Audio KS 300.2 for my Morel Dotech Ovation 6 two way set.
Arc Audio XXD 2080 for my rear fill Morel coaxials.
Treo RSX 1600 powering DIGITAL DESIGNS 1500 sub at 1 ohm

I am not sure if I want to replace that sub and amp and go with a pair of Boston Acoustics G3 subs [10 inch] in the future and use the two Arc Audio amps for the front stage in the future.

Thanks guys.
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