Hay guys i jus got a term lab off a mate and am trying to set it up on my laptop, it came with the term lab cd (i think its the setup cd) and the dongal and main box and 2 mics and all cables. but it wont seem to load up on my laptop, can any1 please tell me what i am missing???? i wana use it.

Cheers Gary
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is it the new termlab sensor? or the old Josephson stick-mic setup?
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David McLean
I am guessing you might have the DOT NET system.
Did it come with a PCMCIA card with a cable to connect the interface box to the computer?

If not, how does it connect to the computer?

What version of windows do you have?

Does the software try to install?

Do you get an error message?

Any additional information will help.
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