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pimpin at my house
i sell both audiopipe and ma audio. now my questions is how many batterys you have and what impedence are you running that amp? 2ohm or .5ohm?

is ur score leagal on the dash with windows up?
i heard 153.? is the loudest for trunk. my team is doing 147.5dbs in stock pro out of a trunk, til next show . it is very hard to get loud in a trunk...
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Team CANUSA loud - Jason
yes the loudest out of a trunk is 153.6db (mike )

i will tell you what i know. (wont take long)

ok fire forward gained me.
adding mutli runs of 1/0awg gained me
using a stinger 2150 gained me
sealing off the trunk gained me
using Neo's gained me
pushing on the car LOST me
moving the seats around gained and lost me.

all this = one furstrated year and a 153db.

good luck to you!
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I've been wondering the same myself, going to have to look into that.
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You're going to need to test, have a TL??
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So to qualify in Trunk you have to have the rear seats folded up?
I never tried that on the Termlab.
Wow,153 from a trunk car thats silly,is this just a SPL built car?
Nice info i never knew the record.
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Da Ghetto Einstein
Yes my 147.4 was legal as far as i know. Im not to sure about USACi's rules & regulations but with Texas Bass Productions it was leagl. One of the car shops i frequent has a TermLab there and we do a lot of testing. But as of now I'm still trying to decide what amps Im gonna go with? Any ideas on who you think makes EXCELLENT amplifiers that put out maximum @ 12v?
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doesn't andrius use his boot in his astra ? can't remember...that's mid 150's in street.

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Here are the rules about mic placement for the shows he is talking about.

You can roll down windows, open doors, whatever.
The mic is normally placed in the passenger/driver's side kickpanel, or on the dash. The mic will not be placed anywhere that might cause damage to it.

So it is basically outlaw style, not DBDrag.
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Originally posted by lilmaniac2:
doesnt mike stiers have the loudest score for a trunk vehicle?
as far as dor db drag, yes mike holds the trunk monkey award for loudest trunk...that is with the seat down....and if all goes well steve sears is gonna take that title in AUG at myrtle beach..
he is already a 151+ with the seat up..
and hell yeah "its real hard gettn a trunk loud"
NSPL has 3 trunk only classes..
beg. trunk 0-500..1 amp. no spare batts, 1 run 0 ga.
beg. trunk 501-1500..2 amps 1 spare batt, 2 runs 0 ga,
and in both of the above,,"NO CUT OUT REAR DECKS, FACTORY SPEAKERS MUST BE IN PLACE , SEAT HAS TO BE STOCK( no cutting holes in backs of seats, and seat cannot sag)
pro-trunk..unlimited amps, unlimited batts , 17.9 volts, rear deck cut out is allowed , seat must still have no cutouts! and seat is in the up and closed position..
last year in the beg.trunk 501-1500..steve sears held the nspl world record and championship with a 148..on dash, on termlab sensor,
this year his is in pro-trunk and currentl world record holder with a 151.2, and im sure he has alot left..
i feel he will show at least a 152.5 at finals in aug.( which isnt bad at all especially since its in a cavalier)
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Lee, does Steve fire his sub forward?
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i dont know, never seen it...lol
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some good stuff in here, i'll be happy with a 148 on the new mics.
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Ive seen Ed Ramos (MECA) do 151+ in a back of a Grand Am with a couple of SPL 15's and a Lanzar Opti 4000 ....

He's also the nicest guy in the world and would help you get louder than him any day. I might be able to scrape up some pics of his setup.
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Oh how time flies,lol I guess I'm the human trunk worm application..........searching.........beep-beep.............searching...........
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Terry bro, waayyyyy too much time on your hands homie.hahahahahahahaha
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