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good to here from you wayne ! mine was due to a misspelled name in the database the results from the fx audio show in aug are in it just needs to be changed in the datebase
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Originally posted by Wayne Harris:
I apologize to anyone who is missing points. For events that are officiated by dB Drag Racing turn-key event promoters, the judge who officiated the event is responsible for uploading the results.

For other events, the judge is supposed to submit the results to the dBDRA and we then upload them to the website.

Each week, the website sends out an email blast to contact person for each event (that has missing results) asking that they send us the results or contact us.

For those events that have missing results, we just don't have them. Please contact the judge and ask that they send them in. Soon, the website will not allow judges with missing results to schedule any more shows (until they are caught up.)

Once again, I am sorry. I am frustrated as well. But, don't worry. Everyone will get credit for events that they have participated in. I just don't want to manually enter the results for each competitor one at a time. Let's try to get those officials to send in their results.
What about the rest of the Spring Fling results?
That judge is no longer contactable.....
And did you ever get the one hooters show worked out with Evan?
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Still waiting...on results from beginning of August...
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finally... August macon ga shows results are finally fully posted...
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