currently i am using original dynamat,i am thinking of removing it and going with second skin.does anyone have any head to head tests they can share with different brands of deadening.this is strictly an spl switch,so if there is a gain i want to do it,no matter how small.also what type of second skin do people use?the spl tiles?thanks guys
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dB Drag Feldjaeger
hope this will help you:;f=4;t=020324


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you should see a good gain they dont even make original anymore most people use the Damp pro the SPL tiles are brand new so not too many people have had a chance to get ahold of them
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Andy Jones
Dynamat original is an asphalt based product. It crumbles and really isn't that good. It was good when it first came out because there really wasn't anything else.

The positive side is that it shouldn't be to hard to remove. Heat it up and it should come right off.
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thanks guys,if anyone has any info on the tiles,let me know please
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How big of gains can you get with deadening? I have a walled off daily driver and I have no deadening whatsoever. I'm also going to be deading the whole front of the car with Second Skin.
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