Hey, im building a sound system in my bmw 325 e30 sedan.

The equipment i have atm is 2x Soundstream t5-15s

Dynabel bf7501 2500w rms monoblock

and stinger sp2250 battery.

Gonna run the subs in a ported 160L enclosure.

I want to get as loud as possible with this setup so need tips about whats smart to do in a sedan, and im wondering if anyone has any pictures of other builds in e30?

Behind my backseats there is a metallplate all the way up to the window, so im thinking this will keep some of the bass away from the driver and passenger seats, also need to figure out how im gonna solve this.

What kinda spl can i expect with this setup?

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i just install two slim subwoofers under the seats,it is good.
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Seriously, WTF is your problem!
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just keeps making new names and locations. can you ban his ip address or something?
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