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i'm sure i'll feel the same when my amp arrives, i just wanted to know from others how their transactions went and yes i asked a forum where people have bought from the guy.
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Simple truth. Its every day biz when you import. I got stuff that sat in customs for over 30 days. Then add normal shipping time to that! Never bought from him, but wouldn't hesitate.
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Originally posted by SpenDiggity:
Also not public enough, these kinds of threads are always bad news, theres always someone who will come into the thread and get the wrong idea then think the seller is a scammer and pass the false word along. Its how the internet works these days. A simple: "Hey Murillo, call or pm me please" would have been better. If he didnt get back to you within a few days then that would be a concern, then a thread like this may be started. Thats just my opinion!
well said!
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