ive not had great luck so far in this car. im building this for mainly spl competition, and not terribly concerned with sq. right now im using a single 15, with two 2k amps strapped at 1 ohm, not really sure what im receiving after imp. rise. the current box is 3 cubes after displacement, sub facing up, port to rear. port is 7.5 inch, external aero, but no flares yet, still in testing phase. the current tuning is right about 41 hz, and the peak of the vehicle varies between 44-48, depending on box sizes etc. i need some ideas on what has worked spl wise in this vehicle with a non-wall setup. i have access to plenty of mdf, and plenty of aero ports up to eight inches in diameter. any help is appreciated. btw the dimensions i have to work with after my batteries and amps in there is 28x28x20 high before i pass the window line. im open to a design for 2 12s as well, this single 15 is only temporary.
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