Brutal Bass
Okay i got some folks talkin smack. I need the Atomic dudes on here to help me with a spl box. I've never really focused on true SPL. I know Matt Cole used a very small box for his APX 18 somethin like 4 net tuned to 60hz or somethin. Did they like that box?

I was thinkin of 6 net tuned to 50hz with 120sq" of port. I think 2 door blazers peak between 50-55hz.
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Matt R. Cole
Well, I was running 2 APX 18's, 8cft before displacement, common chambered, 120sq. in port, tuned to 60Hz. George at Atomic helped me with the exact parameters.

The subs loved the enclosure, we metered a 153 outlaw style off a single D3. The 60Hz tuning was what the subs seemed to like the most to me. Subs were solid as a rock, enclosure worked great. Keep in mind that my enclosure was designed by George (Atomic) to be very efficient at tickling the mic, thus the 60Hz target.

Now, I can tell you that if you use the same enclosure, put in 2 RE MT 18's, 5 Yellow tops and 4 Atomic 1500.1 amps, it's a whole different story. The SPL wasn't so bad, but the damn dummy panel screws flying around got pretty scary

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,
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Brutal Bass
Cool, thanks for the help Matt. What kind of vehicle was that in. Was it a wall? Mines goin in a 2 door blazer
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atomic is the best

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