Loaded Monkey UK

I am using version: 2010.9.27

I have seen several vids on youtube where the Term-LAB oscilloscope graph displays information.

I can see the oscilloscope but this graph never displays any information. All of the other SPL graphics get updated correctly.

I have tried various display settings but can not seem to get any output. Any ideas?

Your help is much appreciated.
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Wayne Harris
Does the scope show up as a straight horizontal line?

If so, you can change the vertical range setting for the scope so that it will display the actual waveform.

1. Select "Tools / Display Options"
2. Click on the "Channel A" tab to configure Channel A.
3. In the Oscilloscope section, change the "Y-Axis Scale" to Autoscale.
4. Test it out.

If you want to make the change permanent, select "File / Save Settings".

I will put up training videos on YouTube soon.
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Loaded Monkey UK
Thanks for your response.

I tried setting "Y-Axis Scale" to Autoscale and it works perfectly.
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