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A good place to start on the angle
Start it on passenger side about 4to 6 in off baffle
And run it to driver side lined up with the edge of the baffle

Try that then work the drivers back wall forword
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Originally posted by coddehart:
Cab Mods.....

Seal up everything

Adjust seats forward
If seat does not fold forward then unbolt the back of the seat so it will lay forward.

Adjust sun visors

Adjust glove box

Put the ac on recycle so it is not open to the outside

Close all ac vents if possible

Put ac on defrost

Adjust door latches to close doors tighter

Get rid of carpet and get a rubber replacement

If no rubber replacement is availible, pull the padding of the bottom of the carpet.

Put vinyl on the head liner

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
yeah, my suggestion is don't just do all those things and expect them to gain.

my car is louder with the sunroof free to flap around, not with someone sitting on it.

also moving my seats from the "normal" position tend to drop output.
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Great thread any tips for those who use bandpass enclosures?
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I consider this first one to be very basic but I have never performed an A/B test on it. I ALWAYS made sure to keep all signal wires and speaker wires the exact same length in order to prevent any phase losses. wireless speakers
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