Hello everyone.
for quite some time reading this forum but just now checked in
and this is my first post
I began to build a system in my car
I took the CD Payner 9 Series
midbasi x ion audio 165 4 sets
and environments dls c4 put the bark back obertone 8 "2 pieces
looked quite what sub to buy and I
audiobahn awt15x who has observed what he thought of saying
will do bandpass box ..
Today I bought and amplifier power acoustik a3000db
well wonder whether to take more and 2 15 "
but I can not find info
it is a powerbase xs 15d
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hi guys anyone with this sub?
awt 15x ?
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its a old serie powerbass.
you can better buy a new one.
I can help you with 2 for good price.
pm me if you are interested.
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you can get a lot bette subs for less money
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