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and what i am saying is that's it's damn near impossible if not impossible...

Originally posted by headshok:
thats y i say,

if he can tune the image, it must be a pain in the ass!

i agree with u abt the different locations and at different angles.

but as for the tonal, it should be pretty good.

hope maybe the guy who tuned that car can come in here and answer some questions.. heheh
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Andy Jones
^you just need to learn to tune better
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Oh no you didn't...lol.
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if assuming he had the h900 and he took away one 3" high mid, now that would be a special car,

running 5 way active front.. hahaha

anyway, thread starter, most info on the car ?
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dB Drag Feldjaeger
I have to ask my brother in law...
Its his car..

But he is currently in Slovakia for the next event there...

I get an update after asking him


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nice man!

do keep updated!

looks good man!

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3" Vifa mids?
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rider pride.
wow.. thats all i can say.. so its loud and according to you sounds good.. ok well take one of your iasca sqi score sheets and post it up here so we can see how well it got judged. thats the only way to shut us up about the sound of that thing..
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why mess up a car like that just for a car audio???
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Originally posted by blueski:
why mess up a car like that just for a car audio???
if just for a car audio ?I think not worth to do that.
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