Before I ask the question, here is my system set up. I've asked similar questions before, but haven't been able to figure it out.
1995 Honda Del Sol (peak freq seems to be around 48 hz)
Alpine Deck
Alpine mrp-m2000 amp @ 2 ohms
2x 2ohm dvc DC Audio Level 4 10"
big 3 upgrade
220 amp HO alternator
2x yellow top batteries
box: subs facing up, vent facing up, tuned to 38hz - size of box is ~ 3'x 3' x 2'

I have a sealed trunk. I finally was able to get to a TL. On the TL, and not legal (not sealed up) I am doing a 148.6 db on the dash. When I seal it up my spl drops to 140.8 db. I am sure it is combination of motor force issues as well as a standing wave (which is my primary concern). I don't have alot of room in the trunk to move the box around. What can I do to actually measure the standing wave so I know how much cancellation is happening? Also, what can I do to combat this problem? This box was built by my installer, and I do not have the necessary tools to build a new box. Basically, I would have to pay another $300 for a new box.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Master Yoda
what it sounds like is the same problems that I ran in to with my trunk car! when I first sealed of the trunk of my car it was greaet but did verry poorly on the metter but just sounded great! then I came to realize theat the box I had was all wrong for what I was trying to do which was high numbers in SPL. I found out that my 1/4 was tunning should have been around 39Hz and I had to retune my box to get the peak spl there. if you are going for SPL then my guess is that if you are trying to run sealed up your tunning may be way different then what you have as a result it will do good numers with the door or window open but when you seal it up you get what you are seeing I would bet the the del sol should peak in the 60Hz range maybe even up to 65Hz it is a verry small cabin and will require a different build for strictly SPL. depending on what you are trying to do you mya have to make some sacrifices to get what you want. good luck
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