Today was my first time doing an SPL comp.
I have three RE SX 15's in an S10 EX cab. I just scored a 149.3 at 44hz mic on the dash, drivers door open. It was a term-lab mic.
Using one Orion 2500D, powering just one coil per sub. *the second Orion is getting repaired*
Before I get embarrassed at a real event, I want to find out if I'm going to fare well.
I have a 13^ft box, with 210^2in of port, tuned at 33hz. I'm using a 200amp alt, and two large truck batteries.
I'm also not sure what class I'll be able to compete in.
I could sure use some advice.
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well first off, here is my advice...

if u are doin drag i would lose one of the 15s cause if not u will be in SM3-4 and u don't wanna do that in a ext cab truck..

second..u need to tune alot higher...we are doin 72hz in our ext s-10 get that fixed..

idk where u are gettin 13 cubic feet at cause we have three s-10s on my team and a world champ with one, and a third with the other...and we cant get 13 out of it...but whatever

prob goin to want to get 2 nsb90 or 2150 cause those truck batteries are either too big...and/or won't cut it in street like the nsb or 2150 look into that

that is my advice
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do not, i repeat, DO NOT comtinue to run your subs with only 1 voice coil hooked up or they will be toast in no time, if there not already.

do whatever you have to do to hook the others up, but dont run just one coil, and when you do get the other amp back you may want to wire it diferantly, idealy you want the same amp powering the just one sub if possible in this situation, not one amp on one voice coil of each sub, then another amp on the other, but if they are make sure they are set identical, and by identical that doesnt mean in the same spot on the gain settings on each amp(like 1/4 turn for example, one might have to be turned a tad moreto get equal output)

i dont think those amps are strapable, so if you are going to run 2 amps on 3 subs i would suggest doing the 2 voice coils of one sub to each amp, then on the third sub split the voice coils up, one to each amp, but you still have the risk of one getting a tad more than the other voice coil and hurting your sub
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the pass. side woofer gets beat up the most and driver side gets the least beating...just for some info for ya... and alos i can give ya some more help if u wanna give me a call at 515 231 0822
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do not run them anymore on one coil.
the only time i have s when the other was blown,and already in need of a recone.

lets see some pics of the install.i know myself or many others can help u increase ur #.get that amp fixed before u do anthing else.

or another if ur gonna compete drop a sub.will u beable to run 2 15s of one amp for now.
the nsbs are a great choice.
what coils do u have on the 15s
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