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allien sound
There is no similarity with the street C class...

The Street Max class is more close to a SS class than any street...

I cannot understand how come you find a multicell battery so expensive and you say nothing about the price of a 12KW amp....Jeeeezzzz!

Do you honestly think that if multicells will be banned it would change anything?

50 Hz limit...Maybe we should swap to EMMA comps
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canadian no-wall
i really dont think the "price" of a multicell battery is so bad...streetmax is a "street" class and perhaps only standard cell batterys should be allowed rather than custom batterys i really dont have complaints about this class, it seems to have a good following.
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Team Innovative Shaun
I need to point out that I have a multicell and personally don't think that the rule needs to be changed. In the past others have claimed it was one of the reasons they wouldn't do street max, so in the interest of growing the class maybe it is a necessary evil. I also went the way I did with the combo battery rule so the multicells could be phased out and people with them could still use them for the upcoming season.
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