ok so i just got a new set up a week ago 3000 watt planet audio big bang amp running 2 15" american bass XFL's. for the past 5 days iv had the amp on about a quarter and havge been breaking in the subs and today i turned up the amp and it was hitting awsome like stupid amounts of flex all over the car and it would knock the mirror off. i wasent beating the subs up or blasting it for a long time maby a few seconds to show a few people, and now the flex is nowhere near what it was the high bass is still there but the low bass dosent even move the mirror like it was. sounds like its almost bottoming out. i never messed with any of the setting and i havent smelt anything. and the subs arnt scratching when i push them in so i dont think there blown im gonna check the voice coils tomorow with a meter and see what it reads. can anyone tel me what thay think it might be?
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Aaron Bryant
could be a few different things but first id charge your battery/batters which ever you have you might have drained them and now the amp isnt seeing the voltage anymore check this and we can go from their
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