Where can one find some real suede material for purchase. My normal distributor for fabrics & leather does not carry any. The stuff from Select Products seem rather cheesy.

Any help??

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Check out an upholstery place in your area, ie the ones that do furniture such as couches and chairs. Also, look into a material called "ultrasuede", which is a suede-like synthetic that looks and feels like the real thing but isn't as delicate.
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yea I have heard of ultrasuede but never priced it..
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I got mine from keystone in houston $15.00 a yard
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Steve Hawley
ultrasuede.com and majalite.com
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if you want to go the synthetic route, go to http://www.importsextreme.com

i contacted them and they sold me "novasuede" by the yard, and its pretty nice material. that particular site does custom interiors for z32 300zx's, but i believe the owner also owns a fabric/upholstery shop and will sell you the fabric.
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