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1 DD9518 loaned from a local guy and thrown in at the show.
2 CS 5kWs
1 XS Power D3100 under hood
1 DieEasy 12 battery in back
6 runs of Shok Wire front to back

It has potential
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dB Don
Its to bad your not doing a couple 15's behind the rear seat. I got a box from my old metro that did 152+@51hz with 2500wrms. Thats all behind the rear seat with amp in spare tire area with full function to seat. I would just take down the measurments for ya.
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Well to be honest dB Don I do have a pair of DB Drive plt15WD, sitting around kinda bored and I have no problem making a new box if you would be kind enough to send me those measurements in order to avoid me the hastle of testing and designing...thay would be awesome I would give it a go.
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