Boogie Woogie
my fuse keeps popping in my saz 1500d.
but its only one of four im confused, im thinking its voltage issues but ive had the same setup for at least 8 months

damn white girl by jeezy, and yes i play chopped and screwed have for as long as ive had the setup, so no problems till now
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Master Yoda
Do you have the amp mounted on the box? it is possiable for one of the connections to come loose on that fuse and the bass could be shorting that fuse out?
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pop the backplate off and see if there's bad solder joints for that fuse. Obviously its building up more heat there. So you've probably got more resistance at one of the connections to that fuse.
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Also what is your electrical like? Your voltage could be dropping sufficiently which sounds like the case especially since your playing super low freq's, which tend to draw lots of juice. I had issues popping fusses on Jeezy as well and not all of them would go at the same time. I had one go at a time and two go at a time, but never did all 4 go at once. I had some pretty bad voltage issues even with a D3100 right by the amps.
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