okay im new here and its been a while since my last full out system ive had a couple of cheap stuff here/there, but im trying to come back, so with that said im wanting to get into competing, so im asking for pointers/designhelp/

i was thinking stock 601-1800, or 2 12s, or bass boxing, maybe all i can get to

itll go in a 1994, ford, explorer xlt, 4door, 4.0/v6, ill run big3 0/1awg and 0/1awg for power/ground
ive been looking at the skar (2)vvx12s,and a skar 1500.1d or sundown (2)sa-12d2, saz-1500d@0.5ohm
but im not sure if this will get it done

my max space for a box is "41W x 17H x 36D"
id like to keep it $1200 or less for "sub/s, amp/s, box,(ho alt if needed, deadining if ap)

itd be nice if i could do mid40s-low50s(is this plausible)

thanks for your suggestions
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