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Originally posted by loud tercell:
Don i alreay knew the answer i just wanted other opinions thats all thanks for replying so fast.
I think the judges at finals made a ruling on this subject already. If you are trying to get something put in the rule book to prevent this type of thing from happening you should probably talk to Wayne Harris about it.

You are going to get all different responses from different certified judges here.

You have already gotten different responses.

If you are removing panels for air flow purposes to gain spl, I could see that not being allowed. If you are removing the panels to accomodate power wires, it's a gray area. If you remove any gromets in your fire wall to accommodate power wires, is that allowed? You can drill holes to accommodate power wires, can't you?

This is all gray area stuff and a ruling was made by the judges at finals.

I'm pretty sure there have been other things removed from various different types of vehilces around the world, to accommodate different parts of the sound systems.
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loud tercell
Good example comparing gromets to panels. This has been a rule for years i dont care what judges let it go at finals. Then if thats the case we should just remove all the panels call it a day. There would be no differance between nowall and street if this is the case..Tell me alex in your instals do the vehicles have 10-20 runs of wire cooming through side panels just hanging there. Please tell me that cosmetic. What do you mean by am i trying to get a rule passed the rule already exists look it up.
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dons spoken he does everything by the book thats why he is the man !
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You can just drill holes in the access panel and call it a day. Would not affect the score and would still ne legal. That is probably why is was allowed. We all know that dbdrag street class in not really everyday street installs, so please don't try to use that argument. I've never seen any normal system setup with more than two runs of wire, unless they compete. You also never see normal systems running 10,000 watt, or 16,000 watt amps to two ten inch subs. There is a rule that states that everything must remain stock and you can not remove the panels in a vehicle, but it was not done to gain spl so they allowed it. It does not affect the score and the panel could be drilled out and put back in place. It sounds like you want this to be strictly prohibited in the future, which is fine. It also says that rules and their intent are at the judges discretion and the judges ruling is final. Now you have one judge here saying it is ok and another one saying its not. You also had judges at the show who actually saw the vehicles and inspected them say to it was ok. So far there are more judges that think it is ok. So where do we go from here?
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