Cactus Sounds
I would like to say, thank you to all Team CS for coming out to the 2009 WF. I know this yr. was a very hard one for some of you and I know some of you also did not make it.
But I would like to thank every one of you for making it this far. I am very Honored to have such a Great Team.

I would like to say a few names that made it all happen.

Paulo G. from Italy for helping me out again with the Team at WF and driven up with me to WF.

Peter A. you are a top player and great friend. No matter what some may say you are a true World Champion.

John P. man it was great seeing you again my friend. You know I love you man. Thank you for looking after Team CS Greece and taken some top players to the WF.

Team Greece.. Taso Mr. World Champ, Vas. the Street C and SS Nw guys.... you realy know how to build some loud cars.

Team Carmaina man you guys realy got that SB car loud. The SS 3-4 did not get to play you guys wanted but I know what that baby can do. Great work guys. I am realy looking forward, to be working with you guys in 2010.

T&T&P hehe man you guys got one crazy box... Thats what I call some thing new. All ways setting the bar with new ideas.

Team Golden Sounds. Man that Black Panda is getting louder every yr. now use the info you got from WF and lets see what that Panda can do.

Team Italy aka Grande Mafioso... Man you all ways keep your cool. I am sure you have some projects for next yr. planned. You and your Team are the Official Team CS Italy.

To the new members, from Italy, France and CZ. in Street A. Welcome abord. I have seen Great numbers from you guys and I am impressed with your numbers all ready. I am sure with the help from Team CS you can raise the bar.

To the Team CS USA. I am very sorry the shirts and extra goodies did not make its way to WF like how we planned. I feel realy bad about it. But I promise you 2010 will be 100% better than this yr.
I realy did not think that there would have been any Team CS cars at the US WF but you guys proved me wrong. Also on that same note you have open my eyes and made me see what I have been missing. Take my word from now. Team CS USA will be bigger than ever in 2010. I am going to go the extra 9 yrds. love you guys, thank you for keeping the Team CS USA alive.

To all the ones I may have left out thank you also from the bottom of my hart. You are what CS is made of. True players.

To my fam. for putting up with me gone most of the weekends.

Also I would like to thank all the DB Drag staff at WF in USA and EU for taken the time and looking at all our cars and making sure the Team was good to go. I know it was not easy for we all build to the max. But thank you for putting up with us.

Thank you also to Mr. Wayne H. for given us this play ground to play in. With out this play ground we would have never got to know so many great people all over the world.

Last but not lest "THANK YOU DB GODS" for looking over the Team and I.
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kiss my bass
Chris , Thank you too for putting up with all the problems that occured this year..You know im always there and have the same feelings for you.
Ill keep on trying to do my best with Team CS Greece..
Cant wait to see those extra 9yrds come into effect in europe too..
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