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Crazy dB Dragger
You cant measure that! You have to calculate it!

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Some thing i done since the last update.

The first thing i have done a lot of is being frustrated that the old box played better than this one.
Ihave also tried to change the measurement of the box to be like the old one but the result have only been a drop in freq. so i have to mess a little more with the port to see if i cold get the old score back.

Have made i it it round at the end of the baffle and taped a little to seal of the cabin.

Some big shiny magnets inside the box

And i have also bought me a clampmeter so i can read of the ampere the subs are pulling out of the amp.

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the result with this picture was 153.2 and my calculations says 1828W Should get a higher number i think..
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I thought it was a while since i had done something in my Panda, but reading my own thread make me realize it is even longer than i want to admit!

After i have started to hold my own dB Drag Competition`s my passion have now started to wake up again!

So here is some pictures for you guys!

This is the start of a new build in Panda`s Life

Panda is getting visit of a friend from the past!

Catching up lost time!

and some damage done!

This time i am not going the screw my head around doing thing the "wrong way" like the last time. I am also not letting my self rush trough the build and cut corners just to finish to a competition!

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I want to start to congratulate Berntsson with the great score on WF 2011

And then:

Someting happends in my garage!

I love to have a girlfriend who think it`s okay to help me with this

It is halfway to a okay result.
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