Well after 12 hours we now have a team web site. This is far from done but have a very good start on it. We hope that we can bring in new competitors and members as we can reach people in our state that other wise would have no clue what Db Drag and Bass Race are all about.

The members section still has a LOT of updating to do as well as some reworking the pages.....this is truly a work in progress. Each Memeber still has to do a lot of uploading for there competitor history once I complete there page.

I am still designing the event video/photo library and will be able to host our own files. If you have pictures or videos from any of the shows listed in the event history please e-mail them to me so I can post host them.

The Event History is fully updated with all show stats. This took a lot of work. Every persons name from a show is a active link and will link from a given show to there stats page here in termpro.

Any pics or vids of shows on the site please email me

Please take time and watch the slide show on the home page... Making the song and pictures work together like they do wasnt easy.

Thanks I will repost when the site has more to offer to new competitors and the event section is able to show case what shows are all about.
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ESP Challenge
Nice job Pete! Good work.
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looking good guys congrats on the new sight.
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