(Thee) Michael Hughes
I would first like to thank american bass for the last minute amplifier to help us be more competitive.

Second, thanks to all the new people who we met and got to know. I always enjoy helping out a newbee, and hope the sport continues to grow. I just wish one of the two street b cars would have put up their real number. I took mine apart monday and found when i installed the second amp, it poked holes through the sound deadning on the back wall. I suspect this is our inconsistancy issue, since jesse proved it wasnt our subs. Oh well, thats what happens when you rush for three weeks at end of season to build the car. Now we either need to decide to get serious again, or retire. Congrats Jesse on your street b score, and the win.

And last, thanks to all who complimented the bassracer. That truck was supposed to be in retirement, but since i didnt have time for the new one, pulled it back up for the show. Allways a good time to demo 155+ at 29hz, though the burnt up woofers dont agree...lol.

once again, nice to meet the new people, nice to see old faces, and great job judging the event. Til next finals

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Boyd Heaton
When you shut it off after a demo It smelled very hot DOWN WHERE MY JEEP was parked....The thing was down right nasty tho!!!!!I got some good vids of your back door about ready to fall off!!!!
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It was great meeting you and competing against you, even though it was closer then I wanted it. You guys were straight up guys and I enjoyed talking to you. I was dissappointed that neither of us could put up our numbers.
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Thank you TMH for your faith in American Bass. We always try our best to offer superior products.

Thanks again

Bob@ American Bass USA
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