ok so me and my buddy bought a term lab set up and we just bought the software offline and loaded the program and we hooked it up and the meter was reading from 120db+ and then it stoped reading anything we uninstalled the software and reinstalled and still nothing. on meca mode its saying that the posative bar and negative bar is low and tells me to check my cable and power and the replaced the eithernet cable with 3 different cable and i tryed a different power cable (made sure it was the same polarity) and still nothing can anyone help me out
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ive got the same problem after i downloaded it to, i think its the software, kinda pisses me off to think i wasted my money
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Wayne Harris
If you are getting an error related to the "power supply rails", then there is definately a hardware problem. Usually, this is caused by a bad sensor cable (some of the conductors in the cable are shorted) and this is causing the voltage problem.

Another culprit could be the power supply (if you are using an older Term-LAB that is powered by a wall transformer. Term-LAB expects a minimum of 14 VDC from the transformer. If you are using a 12 VDC supply, this could be the problem.

Also, if you plugged in a wall transformer with reverse polarity, that could have damaged the Term-LAB interface box. That could also cause the rail voltage problem.

The Rail Voltage monitor is designed to detect problems such as these.

The other issue (120 dB) muting is a configuration setting. Normally, Term-LAB will "mute" readings (0.0 dB) for SPL values BELOW 120 dB. To change this setting, do the following...

1. Seletct Tools / Hardware Configuration
2. Click on the "Input Devices" tab.
3. Click on the "Edit" button next to Sensor 1.
4. Change the "Min SPL" value to a lower number (such as 80). This value is the muting threshold.
5. Click on Save.
6. Repeat this process for Sensor 2.
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