My term lab started awhile ago needing to be connected to the internet in order to work..

no big deal really most of the time.

Today it wont work AT ALL. Constant Online activation needed..

I tried everything. Finally decided to check the site to see if anything can be done that I havent already learned from having past issues with the software..
Found out AVG removes the files that hold your permissions.. nice so i fixed that, uninstalled , reinstalled

here we go again..

my key has been used too many times..
seriously? this is the only computer I have this software on.. iirc the software is registered TWICE on this computer as apparently different USB slots COUNT as different pc's

The other computer I had it on before was a desktop pc used just to test it when i first got the TL, which has since been disassembled and no longer works or is complete to even boot up..

what am i suppossed to do? buy yet another maitinence package because this proprietary software has sooooooo many issues..
I obviously cant un-register as I now have ZERO access to the application, because I uninstalled and effectively locked myself out, as per the instructions on the site..

Term Lab is the best, Im just so very tired of the issues [chipset, usb, registration, unregistration, install this first then this restart 10x wait .. you gotta reinstall..]

Hopefully help is available,

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I have a 3x show on Sunday and would like to use my termlab to test before then. Help please
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Thank you very much, I greatly appreciate your time and help
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