got a termlab (the old none usb powered unit) a cuple of months ago got the latest software and it was running fine but sometimes freezing i thought the freezing was down to me doing mid 150s with the laptop in the car so i now test with it outside but it has got worse and worse.

now as soon as i press start on spl mode it reads 0.00 then if i try restarting it after a cuple times it will read between 102-110dB but then will freez after a cuple seconds. all lights are on the both boxes and im getting 14v from my cig lighter i have replaced all wires didnt make a differance and turned 1 cpu off and again didnt make a differance to how it ran.

my laptop is a hp tx2000
vista(home premium) service pack 2
AMD turion (tm) 64 X2 mobile technology TL-60 2.00GHz
2gb ram
32-bit operating system
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Wayne Harris
The problem you are describing indicates there is a problem with the USB communications between the computer and the Term-LAB.

I would suggest you try the Term-LAB on a different computer just to eliminate the Term-LAB as the problem.

If the problem persits on the second computer, then there may be a problem with the TL interface box.

Does Windows give you any type of error message?
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