a few days ago, while attempting to use my termlab, it was giving random readings between 120 and 130dB on BOTH channels, even with no cable connected.

not only that but randomly, while playing test tones, the status light would stop flashing, and it would stop measuring, clicking "stop" and "start" would generally fix the issue, but sometimes you had to restart the computer!

it did this repeatedly, till I gave up.

so, today, I visited a friend, who also owns a termlab, hooked it up, played some tones... and... it stopped responding, did exactly what my termlab had been doing.

sometimes when you attempting to start the software, it would give the error message, saying the interface box wasn't plugged in.

two completely different termlabs faulty in the exact same way?!?!

I think not... I finally realised the 1 common thing between both setups...

the Digital Designs Z1 amplifier I was using to run the subs... it creates interference that results in the termlab crashing!!! When I moved the termlab and laptop 4 meters away from the amp, the problem was gone!

I thought the termlab was meant to be immune to external interference!

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and JL HD amplifiers screw up AM/FM radio reception.
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Wayne Harris
I believe you have a problem but I don't believe your conclusion is correct.

In my experience, problems with the system locking up or the status light going out, or the timer stopping, etc. all have to do with the USB subsystem.

Make sure you disable the power saving features of your laptop when making a measurement. If Term-LAB is acquiring data and the laptop goes to "sleep" or "hibernates" because you haven't pressed a key on the keyboard or moved the mouse, the data stream to the system will be interrupted unexpectedly.

Also, make sure you disable the power saving features on the USB port itself. Some laptops will let you configure this in the device manager.

When the sensors are not plugged in to the system, you should see an SPL reading between 95 -115 dB. This is the noise floor of the system. If you see higher values, electrical noise is somehow being induced into the computer.

If you are using a car battery charger or other "dirty" power supply to provide power to the vehicle when testing large amps, and if the laptop and/or old style Term-LAB wall transformer is plugged in to the same circuit in the shop, then a serious voltage drop (and lots of noise) can get into your computer. This is probably what is causing your problem. I have seen voltage drops on the AC mains of more than 30% when using extension cords, etc.
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no, this is the termlab.

no charger on the batteries, two laptops doing the exact same thing, no power saving coming on during testing, laptop being run off mains power, or battery.

its being induced from the USB cable/laptop, so not the actual termlab interface box itself.

but as I move the laptop nearer the amp, it starts reading 130+dB.

if I burp the setup with the laptop within 10 feet of the amp, the termlab stops responding.
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