sooooo....a day and a half after getting my TL upgrade, the hard drive crashed on my laptop. it would cost $280 to fix it, so I got a new laptop for $400...

the qestions are: Is there any possible way to upload the TL on 2 OTHER laptops without having to purchase another upgrade???

also do I need to upload from the termlab disc first onto the new laptop, or just directly from the email????

any help would be good. I haven't uploaded TL onto my new laptop yet, as I wanted some clarification first.

thanks in advance,

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Wayne Harris

Sorry to hear of your difficulty.

Please reply to the email with your serial number in it and I will bump your activation account.

You do NOT need to use your original disc. You can simply download the "Full" version and install it on your new machine. Make sure you follow the instructions exactly.
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Awesome, thanks for the reply.
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