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Many of you have seen this already during your testing but when your testing your system for an RTA score you probably already noticed that your score changes as you let your system play the pink noise.

This is normal behavior for tweeters and you must give them breaks and note the play time/level on the tests.

For example: If you just let your system play pink noise on repeat as you tweak your EQ and you finally get that 97+score consistently so you stop. Give it a 5 min break and come back and all you get is a 90 and you WTF? Well its because you metered right after a 5 min break rather than allow the mids/tweets the same play time before hitting the 97+. please note the play time up until that point when you tested as well as the volume level if you want to repeat that score.

So my advice would be for testing is score the system then 5 min break/score/5 min break/score etc.....and always test in conditions similar to the day of the show temp/humidity etc....

Now when the Judges score your car we get you to turn it up until the loudest frequency is just touching the red barely, most frequencies should be visible now to get a good score and once the metering begins don't touch the volume it messes up the score. If you test like this then you should have very consistent RTA scores. And you do score a few points higher when your outside the vehicle.

I have noticed that very large powerful front ends with alot of mids/tweets (I am not pointing my finger at you A Team) have extra hard time getting good RTA scores without the aid of 32 band 1/3 octave EQ's. Also, I have even seen some high end luxury vehicles come through the lane on a factory stereo and score 95+ These vehicles are naturally tweaked at the factory to have a smooth curve already.

But basically I hope this info helps you get ready for that next show and remember catching the score during the same play time, level, temp and humidity will yield consistent scores
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