Team Psycho Broken
I would like to thank JD for letting us be one of the first people in on using the new TSNS. The sub performed well beyond anything we had hoped for and he was there whenever we had any questions (and we had a lot!) We will definitely be running your TSNS in our SSNW vehicle again next year. I would also like to thank Ed from T3, as always it was a pleasure spending the weekend at SBN with you. Your bottomless pit of knowledge sure proved helpful. Looking forward to making T3 proud this season. Thanks Again!!!
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I would like to thank JD also for the support,I take the priviledge to speak for Nikos Athanasiadis also the new World Champ in SS NW

Big props to T3 Audio!
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trelosz jim
THANO a thank you from the nikos!!!!
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