Neill Barber
Soundstream Grizz and Brandon.---

Thanks for always making time when I need you guys or just want to bitch and moan for a minute. This was the closest we've ever been to a National or world championship. You guys were there and got to see exactly how stong this truck is. Once I get all the fire damage repaired IM sure we'll be just fine!!

Being there for the competitor is what makes me so proud to run SS products. We were both around through the hey day and I know how far the industry has fallen with its support of competitors. I do appreciate more than you know the support you guys give myself and all the rest of my teamamtes!!!

American Bass and Bob--

Thanks for all the help with the new high end in the Blazer. If anyone missed it there are 23 speakers and a SS stealth amplifier in each door now!!! The VFL mids are STUPID!!!!!! CRAZY LOUD!!!!! Im sure this is the beingnning of a beautiful relationship.

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no more Olympus? lol
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