The discussion is never gonna end, rulechanging and so on.
I am the event promotor for dB dragracing in Norway, to run this fun caraudiosport I need sponsors, and my sponsors demand that the sport is available to anyone and that the topscore is available to anyone without selling your house to get there..
So last night we were 2 headjugdes and 3 competitors that came up with the following entryclass rules for 3 new norwegian classes.

Translated with google, spelling/grammar errors may occur

Rules Mini Street
Common to all classes
0.0 Rules common to all classes

1.1 Must be registered on the Norwegian plates

1.2 The car's front seats must be in the normal driving position.

1.3 There are no rules regarding damping, but dampening mats will not be visible.
Exceptions: In the trunk of cars with no factorypanels its allowed with visible dampening.

1.4 The car's engine can run during the measurement.

1.5 Doors, windows, etc. will remain shut during the entire measurement period.

1.6 DB-jams cd used, frequence from 20 to 50Hz can be used.

1.7 Subwooferbox shall be mounted in the trunk.
Exception: In Mini Street 3 subwooferbox must be mounted behind the b-pillar.

1.8 Aeroports must be mounted into the case.

1.9 You may not be a member of a team, if you are a teammember we refer to the official classes.

1.10 Cargovans, pickuptrucks and similar must compete in Mini Street 3

Rules Mini Street 1

2.0 The rules:

2.1 All power cables must be secured with a fuse near the battery (30cm)

2.2 All cables must be hidden in the interior. (Under Carpet / panels, etc. Exceptions near the equipment)

2.3 1 battery that must be mounted on the original space or in the immediate vicinity of this.

2.4 Jugde must be able to look out the lower part of the rear window through the mirror inside the car. (Easier explained, no caraudio can be mounted so that it gets in the way of visibility out the rear window through the interior mirror)

2.5 subwoofer enclosure and amplifier should be mounted in the vehicle's trunk.

2.6 The equipment:
1 piece Subwoofer, 10 or 12 "
1 pc Amplifier, max 2500W rms given effect
1 pc Battery, mounted on the original space or in the immediate vicinity of this.

Mini Street 2 (Same Mini Street 1 from 2.1 to 2.5)
3.5 The equipment:
2 pcs Subwoofers, 10 or 12 "
Exceptions: 1pc 15 "can be used.
2 pcs Amplifiers, max 5000W rms total power. (amp 1+2 = max 5kw rms)
2 batteries, mounted on the original space or in the immediate vicinity of this.
Exception: Battery # 2 can be mounted in the trunk.

Mini Street 3
4.0 The rules:

4.1 All power cables must be secured with a fuse near the battery (30cm)

4.2 All cables will be hidden in the interior. (Under Carpet / panels, etc. Exceptions near equipment)

4.3 3 batteries, 1 battery must be mounted on the original space or in the immediate vicinity of this.
Battery # 2 and 3 can be mounted behind the b-pillar.

4.4 There is no requirement for a clear view of the rear window via the inside mirror.

4.5 Equipment can be mounted up to the b-pillar.

4.6 The equipment:
4 pcs Subwoofers, 10" - 12" or 15"
4 pcs Amplifiers, max 5000W rms given total power. (amp 1+2+3+4 = max 5kw rms)

Elitecompetitors are not allowed, see definition..

Elite competitor:
A competitor who has built a car specifically for dBdragracing.
A competitor who competes with an unregistered car.
A competitor who has been involved for several years at a high level.

Beyond this, its always the headjudge on the competition who decides what is an elite competitor.

Copyright 2009-2010 Nils Petter Nilsen
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Looks good.. Only suggestion is ruling to make people move up keeping these classes for entry level competitors...
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yes, i forgot to write that, but as far as we agreed to last night top two from each class move up the upcoming season
and the rules are not fully set until november 14th
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I figure that only the winner should move up.

As Murillo said, everybody wants to win, nobody wants to loose.

Imagine that the difference from 1st and 2nd is 2 dB and the runner up is automatically moved up together with the winner, I guess his chances to win in the new class will become even smaller without spending more time/cash/equipment and such and this is without winning a single event.

All newbees should get a shot at winning in the newbee class before being moved up.
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yes but as you said ALL newbies... 2nd place person represents only 1 competitor... leaving that person there effects everybody else's chances of winning...
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Everyone (newbies) has a chance of winning throughout the season.
I dont think that there will be one person winning every competition or one person getting second place all season.

I think it will be pretty close scores among the top 2-3 competitors if they have competed in more than 2 competitions.

When I started to compete myself I went from 130,5dB to 143,2dB in 2 month and still kept my budget within 10 000NOK which is what newbies spend on stereos here mostly.

The clue with these classes is to put the topscore within range of many new competitors.
Put a newbie up agains a panda or similar and the difference will be 15-20dB's there is no chance in hell that he will just build another box to try and beat that. But if the difference is 1-5dB, or the competitor is told that he's stereo is capable of doing 10dB more if he just builds another box or whatever, he will build that new box and try.
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But Jay, the part about moving up the 2 top competitors may be changed to moving up just the winner, the rules are not 100% set until november 14th as mentioned.
We might talk more about it to see what we can do about it..

But I want the competitors to put time in their cars, as much time as they can. But without spending to much money on new equipment and so on.
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I totally agree with you.
Moving up only the winner will allow the 2nd place competitor to win one time, then he can move up and compete against the previous winner and hopefully find motivation to beat him instead of going up against the top dogs.

Then there will always be motivation, since both have won once and would like to win over the guy who beat him previously.

And maybe in time with more knowledge and upgraded systems in the end, they might be able to take on more skilled competitors...
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