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realy nice

arent you forgetting spl classics
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No, SPL Classics brings its own trophies
for 1st to 3rd place. Just for the SPL Classics
people AFTER the 4th place these "participation trophies"
will be handet out

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Well, now I have completet 473 trophies! (still 60-90 to do!!!)

Labels on them and were ready to go

You see here "participating trophies", special ones (farest trip etc.) and the "Extra
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wow sombody had a lot of work today ,

are that al boxes of champagne where de cups are in now

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Rip Rock
Very nice trophies! A job well done.
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dB Don
Thats just awesome.
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4 days to go

here the latest things:

Head Judges are:
Gerri Douven
Daniel Vogel

additional Judge
for pre judge the cars AND lane:
Michael B
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Did somebody say TROPHIES?
Almost ready. Just the 350 pariticipation and
about 42 SPL Classics trophies have to be setup.
And a few tables and chairs, and this and that...

I am done for today...

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Looking Forward to tomorrow !!

I ordereeeeeeed Sunny weather for friday and saturday in Limeshain , did cost me some $ , but normaly it is covered

Fine work with the trophies Oki , like usual
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First of all :

Again it was a Nice meeting ,
all worked out smooth ,
and like always : a nice easy attitude with sunny weather and alot of laughs and talks .

Thx Oki and Crew !!

My pictures from the event ,
not that much ,but it is something :

Christof .
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1 Vid i did make at the event :

Enjoy .
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Hey, there!
Event was, again, a huuuge success!
Thanks to all for coming and all international
competitors also for making
this an international event again.
I try my best to continue the show as long as possible.
I my community allows it, you can roughly mark
the last 2 weeks of july 2011 already

We had 2000+ visitors and 440 competitors
in the most popular SPL and SQ formats in germany.

1 dB Drag World Record was made in SS 1-2.
Sent Wayne a mail regarding that and will
upload the results today.

Will write a little report in english later.

I uploaded some pics on the database already.

Thanks again!
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Any info on this car? What subs? They appear to be Pro Audio drivers? I love the install, simply beautiful in my honest opinion. What 8
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