Mike houde and Dave Kasper want to start **** in fourms after all i did for ya well dont get mad when the truth comes out these guys are not team players and have no respect for any one that helps them.


So ya want to come on fourm and talk **** well just remember i dont care how people look at me im just the dumb ass that tryed to help ya out.


[ 12-08-2009, 07:21 AM: Message edited by: Old/School ]
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loud tercell
This is a nice post T.J so your car was the one used for him to do that street stock score what a joke lol. Just a question did you remove all your runs of wire since that car was in street b for how long. That is poor sportsman ship to use a veteran car in a noob entry level class. T.J i have respect for you bro but your boy Mike is a clown and his street stock number now means $hit. Dan Wayne is still the king of street stock.
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Old school, I already told you we are very close on this topic but.... I must ask you not to bring this to TP. If you want others to know about this, please continue it on "car audio" I can't see any good coming from this conversation. I'm closing it before it even gets started.
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