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Had some more health problems which in turn lead to money problems and was extremely close to selling this car. Fortunately, it looks as though Ill just be selling my daily driver instead which Im much happier about because it wasnt loud anyway so **** it!
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cant wait to get building on this again. Have a couple new ideas up my sleeve which may come out to play

Psyclone it should do VERY well I think
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Brutal Bass
This build is very cool wagon... but lets see some more updates!!
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considering switching from 12 18s to 84 8s.

Aside from a 28% cone area increase it would theoretically handle power much better and also allow me to open up the diamond itself due to there being less mounting depth in the 8" woofer. Which will allow me to raise tuning to a more reasonable range. Id like id to peak at about 40 hz. In my opinion 20 hz will be a huge waste and just tear my car apart.

But regardless of the woofer configuration im going to keep working on the outer shell of the enclosure and the dash at the moment.
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just adding as an update....ive put a fair amount of hours into the car since i last posted.

most was on a full glass dash that got accidentally thrown out....will get pics up soon tho of it. house 4 10“ midbass and 4 6.5s. im not much of a fiberglass guy and ill definitely say that im NOT building that again. eff that! all midbass and midrange will be elsewhere for this build.

also i think the theme for this build may be to do explosive demos and put up good numbers with very little gear.

i want to bassrace a 157
streetbeat 160
burp 160
and play killer lows.

using 2 subs....one amp....and as little batts as possible.

gear is undecided as of yet but leaning towards..
subs---N3 18s, HDC4 18s, warden 21s or xs spl v2 18s
amps--- 1100.1, sd 16k, 14k2e, cs 12k, AQ20
batts---16 volt batcap
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