Hardcore RS
Hi guys,

Im starting this thread to get some advice and tips to get a higher score.

I have a renault twingo which is a pretty small car.
Only the roof is dampened.

I have 2 batteries in the back of the car of 55Ah.
I have 2 amplifiers, soundmagus VS3500(which are using the same board as the SPL-D ice 3500) they do 3500w rms at 0,5 ohm and they are linked.
The subwoofer im using is a dual 2 ohm Orion HCCA 12.2
I have a 15cm aeroport

The amps are playing at 1 ohm linked so rated power is 7KW.

I first had a box from 105 liter, this box was made for another competition but i tested what the max score i could get and with this enclosure it was 146,8db@49hz

Then i build a small enclosure of 45 liter after displacement. this did 147,9db.

Now i build an enclosure a bit bigger about 60 liter after displacement.
This box now does 148,6db.

Box is made of 2x 18mm mdf and sanded smooth on the inside.

Here is a pic of the box:

Does somebody has some tips what i could try?

i can think of somethings myself

-paint inside of the box
-try 45's in the corners.

something more?

Thanks for helping!
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what frequency are you burping? what
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Hardcore RS
i tried different port lenghts and the best it peaked at 54hz

also with the old box my peak was at 55hz.

i will try to cut the port down with 1 inch at a time and see what is the best freq.

i tried ports now from 20cm 15cm 10cm 5cm and 3cm and the 10cm port did work the best
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a single 4" port is too small for a 12" burping. A 6" would be appropriate if you can get the port length to fit.
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Hardcore RS
this is a 6 inch aero:-D 15cm= 6 inch

if i put the data in BBPro it still has a lot of air speed above the 36m/s so maybe i need a bigger one...
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I would adjust the box so that you can fire the woofer up and the port towards the driver's side of the vehicle. I believe that you will have better loading that way since the port will be able to build pressure directly off of something instead of just firing up into the cabin. I've used a similar setup in my vehicle, but with 1 15 and 4K watts and did a 152.6 @ 52hz. I would be willing to bet your box size is a little off too. If it were me I'd try a 1.5-1.75 cuft box with an 7" home made aeroport.
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Hardcore RS
Thanks! i will build a new box then!
box that i use now is about 2 cu ft.
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You are welcome. I hope this works out for you like the similar setup did for me. The car I used it in was a little bit bigger then the one your using but it should give you nice results. Also you may be able to just use the 6" aeroport that you have since I didn't know that your box was 2 cubes already. If you ran a 6" port in a 1.75 cube box you would be looking at 16.15sqin of port per cuft. This is a decent number to try first. If you aren't happy with these results then step up to a 7" port in it's place.
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