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Originally posted by DrBass:
Manual, what self respecting male reads the manual??

I dont my manufacturer has a very nice forum presence and if something comes up he answers it for all
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augustijnen Peter
i dont think a logo is enough
CS has the logo from 2-3 formats also on his boxes from the amps

a few lines with text is what i'm meening
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I basically support that idea,
but there are some problems coming with it also.

For our AYA SQ Format we try to do that sincs some years.
But what if a sponsor just support an organisation for one year?
Then there will be still boxes (what have to be designed
and manufactured in high quantities)
with that logos.
What will it cost to use the logo?

We decided to go with stickers.
So you just can put them on as long as the
companies supoort the orgs.
Sure, it is a bit of work to put them on manually.
But they are uniform and can be produced in very high
quantities for very cheap.

If the companies decide to put them fix into
manuals or onto boxes, they should accept that they
do advertising until these boxes are sold, and the orgsmust accept that there will be their
logos on boxes and manuals or whatever, even
if these companies are not supporting anymore.
For what reason ever.

ALSO possible is a little flyer what will be added
when the products are packed at the factories,
or when they go out of the warehouses.
But lots of huuuge companies like Maxxsonics
have huge quantities of products being
produced and shipped out the whole time.
That is an amount of additional work, what must
be calculated in peoples payments...

Good idea, sounds simple, but isnt unfortunately.
But after all, not impossible.

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augustijnen Peter
what if wayne just give the permision to company's to put it in the manuals without making money on it
dont see this as an extra sponsorship to db drag
more like a helping hand to keep the sport alive that we all love so much

then only the company's that realy want to do it can add it in the manual
to put the add extra in the manual is not gonna cost alot to the company's
sometimes there is a blank page inside
so it can be used for the add
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Sure, that will work if the companies
and Wayne agree and accept. No doubt
that CAN be very helpful

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I'd like to suggest that peolpe that are having shows could put up a link to a printable flyer and we could post them locally.Maybe spak some interest that way.

Team Ohio Spl
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Originally posted by Rusty...WCA:
We originally had the db drag logo put on the artwork for our amps packaging but wasent sure if we had to pay DB Drag to use it so we removed it. Wayne should jump in here and let us know about it

Thats your right as a supporting manufacturer that pays a yearly membership due.
This is why we pay, so we can utilize the logos and artwork, which benefits manufacturer and organization.
The logo should be placed on your packaging....
same goes for Usaci and Iasca and Meca.
That's why there is such a service as supporting member industry affiliate.
We use all four and CEA and CE.

Get what you pay for my friend!

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